DAY 1: London

We’re Missing Something…

The trip was good for Bob, Tommy, Billy and myself. We left Houston the evening of May 22nd and made it to London Heathrow on scheduled on May 23rd. But we were missing something…one brother and two veterans. Their flight was delayed out of Nashville due to poor weather in Chicago and consequently they missed their connecting flight to London. You can’t have a 60-year return to Normandy without the veterans; it’s just not the same. After much hard work and persistence, James managed to get himself and the vets on another plane the following day. They arrived in London the morning of May 24th, just in time for an all-day bus tour of the city. On that day we saw Big Ben, we rode the London Eye, Dad & Dee wandered through St. Paul’s, we took a river cruise down the Thames, and we ate Fish & Chips for supper.

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